AT&T Offers Free Emergency Phone Services To Help Customers

AT&T’s Wireless Network Fully Operational, Company Deploying COW’s and Generators to Keep Cell Sites on Air

In response to the San Bruno explosion, AT&T is making available a number of free services to support AT&T customers displaced by the fires to ensure they have the ability to send and receive calls to family members and others.

AT&T is providing certain voice mail and call forwarding features, free of charge, to displaced consumers. For customers who need a local service line installed at a temporary or new location the Line Connection Fee will be waived. AT&T residential customers displaced by the fires can call 1-888-338-3291 to set up the following services:

  • Call Forwarding – Automatically forwards calls to any phone number.
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to dial
    in and direct normal home phone calls to another number from any phone.
  • Remote Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to permanently
    forward their number to another number.
  • Voice Mail – Allows displaced customers to retrieve messages left at
    their home line from any location, as well leave a greeting telling callers
    their status.
  • Phone Line – For displaced AT&T customers who set up phone
    service at a new location, AT&T will waive installation charges.

Displaced customers can phone into AT&T’s call center at the number listed above anytime.  They should leave a message along with a good contact number.  A dedicated representative will contact them within 24 hours to determine the best services for the customer’s situation.

After the explosion last night, AT&T had one cell site off air and two others without power on battery back-up, and the company was seeing heavy congestion on the area’s wireless network.   AT&T quickly deployed portable generators and all three sites are now fully operational and serving customers.   AT&T is also deploying Cellular on Wheels (COW’s) to make sure there is enough capacity to handle the expected increase in voice and data traffic in the next few days.

In addition, last night AT&T employees from the local San Bruno store provided wireless phones to those who needed them at the evacuation center.  AT&T is also setting up computers, wireless phones and making phone battery chargers available at the evacuation center at the San Bruno Recreation Center to help displaced customers keep in touch and set up needed services.  In addition, AT&T is making phone battery chargers available at the Red Cross facilities in the Bayhill Shopping Center. The company also has employee volunteers assisting the Red Cross.

"The necessity to communicate with family, friends and loved ones, as well as critical community support services, becomes even more vital during a crisis," said Ken McNeely, President-AT&T California.  "We are doing all we can to ensure those impacted by the fires will be able to keep in touch with family and have access to other important contacts during this difficult time."

Again, AT&T residential customers displaced from their homes by the explosion and resulting fire can call 1-888-338-3291 regarding the free AT&T phone services. 


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