Ubiquity Improves Social Networking on Apple iPad and iPhone

After over 10 years of expansive development and testing, Ubiquity Broadcasting
Corporation has licensed a portion of its patent arsenal to Sponsor Me Inc. for
implementation on its new action sports website.
Sponsorme.com has poised itself to be the first social media website to give
users full access and functionality on their iPhone and iPads.

Sponsor Me Inc. is primarily interested in Ubiquity’s new methods and
technological applications in immersive advertising and in lifestyle-based web
and internet services. They have licensed these patents in order to protect the
assets and functionality of its groundbreaking website. Sponsorme.com features a
higher standard of image and video quality using Ubiquity’s patented technology.
The website features a cutting edge social networking platform, giving ease of
use to the end user, and the ability to stream live HD broadcasts across
multiple screens and platforms.

Ubiquity Broadcasting’s Vice President of Intellectual Property, Connie Jordan said, "The ‘Immersive Advertising’ and
‘Lifestyle Portal’ patents are the result of years of research and design
developed by some of the top engineers, scientists, and physicists in the world.
Ubiquity is in the driver’s seat, as we continue to find cutting-edge
marketplace applications for real-world solutions."

Ubiquity’s Immersive Advertising patent "Systems and Methods for Immersive
Advertising" was awarded to the company in December
.  The patent is oriented toward creating customizable presentations
imbedded within the body of web content or in Sponsor Me’s, case within its
website. In short, immersive advertising allows for greater eyeballs with a
greater concentration of the advertisers target demographic.

Steve Jacobs, President of Business Development
of Ubiquity said, "The immersive advertising model has been applied to the
web-based activities of ‘Sponsor Me’, and is the next generation of web and
social networking platforms." Sponsor Me is the premiere action sports endeavor
that partners up-and-coming athletes with sponsorship opportunities through
internationally staged competitions.  

The Lifestyle Portal patent, "System and Method for providing
Lifestyle-specific information services over a global computer network such as
the Internet" was awarded to Ubiquity in September
.  The patent aims to configure internet-based information tailored
to individuals’ lifestyles where relevant information is available through a
single web-site that meets the specifics of each user’s lifestyle. The Lifestyle
Portal Patent is the backbone to social media and networks alike.

"Current web applications don’t fully exploit lifestyle profiles in providing
the most effective user experience, be it for information, entertainment or
commerce," explains Jordan. "Users are required to go outside of their social
networking sites to explore any number of web resources."  She adds that the
Lifestyle-based web solution offers "benefits to both users and service

Ubiquity Board Member, Dr. Jeff Cole believes
that internet and mobile usage over the past 10 years has been truly
transformational.  In Ubiquity, he sees, "the connection between technology and
people.  What Ubiquity has done and is doing is creating that power on the web
to really, completely create and maintain control over our environment.  I
really do believe technology can change people’s lives."

Ubiquity is now licensing its patents to Sponsor Me to change the social
media scene.  Dr. Cole goes on to say, "I became convinced in the mid- to
late-90s that interactive digital technology – first the web and now mobile –
was going to be far more powerful than the traditional media of television and
print. Ubiquity has the power to change social media and digital technology

Steve Jacobs said, "Ubiquity has been in
start-up mode, but is now ready to release the parking brake and push down the

Co-founder and chairman of Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation, Chris Carmichael said, "Ubiquity has licensed a portion
of its patents to Sponsor Me for the development and release of its highly
anticipated social media site, sponsorme.com. Sponsor Me will be able to empower
users while giving them full access on their mobile media devices such as the
iPad and iPhone."

"Ubiquity’s patents will forever change the way people view social media,"
adds Connie Jordan.

Ubiquity’s licensed patents and technology afford Sponsor Me the ability to
offer full functionality on all mobile media devices. Sponsorme.com’s soft
launch allowed thousands of students from prestigious colleges and high schools
across the country to populate the site. Access to the current beta test is by
VIP invitation only.


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