LG launches All-in-one digital signage package Making Digital Signage Super-Easy

The UK launch of LG SuperSign brings to market a digital signage solution that SMBs, large retailers, hospitality and education providers will find affordable and easy to use. New research shows SMBs comprise the largest part (31%) of the European digital signage market but need affordability to invest and simplicity to operate.

LG Electronics has today announced the UK launch of SuperSign, its new digital signage solution tailored to the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

For SMB retail and commercial outlets looking for customer-engaging and cost-effective ways of gaining a competitive edge, LG’s new SuperSign digital signage solution provides the hardware, software and additional features in an easy-to-use and install package.

LG’s own research shows SMBs comprise the largest proportion (31%) of the European digital signage market. It also reveals that SMB operators are seeking the same quality and reliability from displays as larger operators but at lower costs. Further, they want solutions which do not require specialist knowledge to operate. Responding to these needs, LG developed its new SuperSign digital signage solution for small retail and commercial operations requiring a simple, affordable but powerful display tool.

LG SuperSign is a highly scaleable solution that includes displays, a media player (PC) and powerful but easy-to-use software. It is the first practical digital signage solution for SMBs and makes it easy to create content quickly and simply, allowing retail staff to focus time on business and customer care rather than signage configuration.

The solution allows an operator to transmit media and data files through a local area network (LAN) from a PC server with the SuperSign software installed. It includes high performance advertising by offering multiple frames on a single display and rich functions to author and manage content. It can display up to two pieces of full HD content simultaneously whilst also supporting RSS feeds with text and icons for weather and stock news. Its broad range of format support includes photos, PowerPoint presentations and HTML and Flash content. It also packs in a full diagnostics system, anti-theft system and fault monitoring along with monitoring features that enable a single server PC to monitor multiple displays.

“Digital signage has unparalleled benefits over traditional print signage, which make it ideal for SMBs in today’s highly competitive environment,” says Warren Lewis of LG Electronics Business Solutions.

“SuperSign is not only a powerful and affordable digital signage solution, it is extremely easy to use. And because all of the elements within LG SuperSign are optimised to work together, it is also simple for a services provider to install or for a reseller to deliver.”

“In today’s economy, the challenges faced by SMBs are enormous and they frequently rely on support and solutions from smaller resellers who understand their needs.  SuperSign offers resellers and their customers a complete, cost-effective, yet impactful digital signage solution that helps hone their competitive edge,” he concludes.

LG SuperSign is available exclusively for a three month period through leading Middlesex-based AV trade distributor, Medium, which specialises in digital signage.

For more details, please visit: www.lg.com/uk

LG SuperSign: Facts:

  • SMBs = 31% European digital signage market 
  • SMBs are seeking powerful technology, low purchase price and easy operation All-in-one solution: single media player PC + software + multiple displays
  • Fast updates and consistency across multiple sites
  • Format support: photos, PowerPoint, HTML and Flash
  • Full diagnostics, anti-theft system, fault monitoring


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