Transcend aXeRam DDR3-2400 Dual-Channel Memory Kit obtained Intel XMP Certified

Transcend Information, Inc., a global leader in storage and multimedia products, proudly announced that its 4GB aXeRam DDR3-2400 dual-channel memory kits have been added to Intel’s list of XMP-certified memory products. The XMP badge confirms the modules’ ability to operate at high frequency with low latency timings to maximize performance, allowing gamers and enthusiasts to take their Intel Core i7 platform to the next level.

Transcend’s top-of-the-line 2400MHz kit boosts system performance with a perfect combination of low voltage and high clock speed. The latest in a series of Transcend aXeRam overclocking memory products to receive XMP certification, this kit contains two identically matched DDR3-2400 modules rated at a blazing-fast clock frequency of 2400 MHz (PC3-19200) with timings of 9-11-9-28 and an operating voltage of a mere 1.65V, offering theoretical memory bandwidth up to an incredible 38.4GB/s.

In practice, the 2400MHz clock speed shows a 60% performance increase in real world applications compared to standard 1333MHz memory, making it sufficient to meet the strict RAM requirements of overclocking enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. Each XMP-certified module has been tested for use on Intel P55-based motherboards, including ASUS P7P55D Premium and ASUS P7P55D Deluxe.

Transcend’s complete line of aXeRam Extreme Performance DDR3 memory has passed Intel`s certification testing for XMP, a performance-packed expansion of the standard DDR3 memory specification. For detailed information, please visit:

Ordering Information

Part Number Capacity Description Note
TX2400KLU-4GK 4GB aXeRam DDR3 2400+MHz Dual Channel Kit (2GBx2, 9-11-9-28, 1.65V) Kit of 2, optimized for dual channel use, XMP-Certified  
TX2000KLU-6GK 6GB aXeRam DDR3 2000+MHz Triple Channel Kit (2GBx3, 9-9-9-24, 1.6V) Kit of 3, optimized for triple channel use, XMP-Certified  
TX2000KLU-4GK 4GB aXeRam DDR3 2000+MHz Dual Channel Kit (2GBx2, 9-9-9-24, 1.6V) Kit of 2, optimized for dual channel use, XMP-Certified  
TX1600KLU-4GK 4GB aXeRam DDR3 1600+MHz Dual Channel Kit (2GBx2, 8-8-8-24, 1.6V) Kit of 2, optimized for dual channel use, XMP-Certified  



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