BitDefender Unveils ZBot removal tool

Standalone utility now available as a free download on

BitDefender, an award-winning provider of innovative anti-malware security solutions, today posted a removal tool for the infamous ZBot Trojan, which focuses on stealing online banking details while monitoring system information to obtain additional authentication credentials.

“ZBot is one of the most prolific breeds of malware and new variants appear every day. As a part of its ongoing efforts to inform, educate and help users worldwide in their fight against online threats, BitDefender has created a ZBot Removal Tool to detect and eliminate most of the ZBot variants spotted in the wild,” said Catalin Cosoi, head of the BitDefender Online Threats Lab.

The latest variants of ZBot are able to gather the history of websites visited, information completed in online forms and login pages, as well as capturing screenshots of their desktops. ZBot is distributed mainly via spam campaigns and web pages that unwittingly host its malicious payload, usually under the guise of a popular, legitimate application.

The ZBot Removal Tool can be downloaded from the Removal Tools section of, a BitDefender initiative for the software security community and a free resource for those interested in online security.

In order to stay safe, BitDefender recommends that consumers install and update a complete antimalware software solution. Users who wish to run a quick virus check can do so for free using the BitDefender’s online scanner.



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