Sony just stop!

Sony has declared war on PSP users who have hacked them to run games and programs that Sony did not intend to be ran on the units. They have a new update ready that is going to escalate that battle as they do not want people reverting back to older versions and will be shutting a loop hole in the firmware.

Does Sony not realize they are selling a lot of these units because people can hack them. My son has been asking for a PSP and as much as I want to get him one I am reluctant to do so seeing what Sony is doing. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t condone hacking something to play games that I have not paid for but why should not people be able to play older games that they own and do cool things with the PSP that Sony did not have enough foresight to implement.
Sony should be welcome the innovations people are creating for the PSP, and stop this ongoing battle. Because guess what Sony in the long run people are just going to get mad and no longer buy your products. Ask me why I don’t buy Vaio’s anymore! [GamersCirlce]

You want to know what the bottom line is I predict the PSP is a loss leader and they make all their money on the games and license fee’s I could be wrong but thats my bet.


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