Oracle Depot Repair Reduces E-Waste and Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Oracle Depot Repair Delivers Business Intelligence for Returns Disposition and Ecological Impact

News Facts

  • To help organizations protect the environment, improve
    sustainability initiatives and streamline compliance, Oracle today extended the
    environmental impact and sustainability reporting capabilities of Oracle Depot Repair.
  • These extensions are delivered as part of the Oracle
    E-Business Suite 12.1.3 and include new business intelligence dashboards that
    help organizations reduce waste, reuse and recycle returned materials more
    effectively, improve product designs and comply with environmental laws.
  • Oracle Depot Repair now includes powerful reporting and
    analytics to aggregate and parse comprehensive return and disposition data,
    including information collected directly from third-party logistics providers,
    processors and recyclers, functionality not available in other enterprise
    resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Oracle Depot Repair Helps Organizations Reduce E-Waste

  • By providing a single view of all return and disposition
    information from multiple disparate data sources, Oracle Depot Repair enables
    organizations to:
  • Reduce environmental impact: Goal setting and progress
    tracking for re-use, recycling and landfill avoidance allows businesses to
    create green programs, reward positive results and target where improvements are
  • Increase value recovery: Insight into which business
    units and partners are more profitably recovering value from returns enables
    companies to benchmark best practices and identify where improvements are
  • Minimize regulatory penalties: The ability to report
    on the number of units and weight of material returned to each processing center
    and report on how the material was dispositioned helps businesses comply with
    e-waste laws across Europe, North America and elsewhere.
  • Reduce returns: The ability to analyze returns data
    helps businesses improve product quality and decrease high-expense and low-value

Supporting Quotes

  • “Previously, organizations had no way of viewing their
    product return and disposition information in one comprehensive dashboard,
    leaving them vulnerable to regulatory fines and lacking key information that
    could be used to improve products and reduce returns,” said Lee Sacco, senior
    director, Oracle Applications Development. “Oracle Depot Repair closes this
    visibility gap, allowing organizations to gain insight from their reverse supply
    chain data to operate more efficiently and sustainably.”
  • “Oracle is committed to helping customers achieve both an
    eco-advantage and improved business performance by embedding environmentally
    related capabilities throughout their enterprise systems,” said Jon Chorley,
    vice president of supply chain and sustainability product strategy, Oracle.
    “This latest capability, one of many from Oracle, delivers precisely what is
    required within the context of the existing business process, thereby creating
    the right result at the optimal total cost of ownership.”


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