AT&T’s New Enhancement Offers Customers user-friendly Option To Schedule DVR Recordings From U-verse Online

AT&T Expands U-verse DVR Management to More Places with New Click to Record Feature on U-verse Online.

AT&T today announced the launch of new DVR features for AT&T U-verse® TV customers on U-verse Online, including the ability to schedule DVR recordings directly from the website and to easily see which of your DVR recordings are also available to view on U-verse Online.

U-verse Online, an entertainment website available at, lets any online user watch more than 100,000 titles of TV shows, movies and video clips on your PC, and gives U-verse TV customers access to additional features that enhance their entertainment experience.

“This is another innovative way we’re helping you manage your DVR experience and enjoy hit shows from any screen,” said Jeff Weber, vice president of video services, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “We continue to bring you more control and freedom with AT&T U-verse, and this is the latest example of how we are further integrating the U-verse experience on your TV, your smartphone and online.

U-verse TV customers that are logged into the site can browse titles and instantly schedule recordings for any TV shows or movies that are available for recording on their U-verse DVR at home. You can select “Schedule Series Recording on my U-verse DVR” to record a show or movie, and a red dot will instantly appear online to confirm your U-verse DVR is set to record.

If you’re away from home and want to see which of your recordings are also available to watch on U-verse Online, you can select “My U-verse DVR” to see specific episodes and movies to watch instantly with U-verse Online.

The new DVR enhancements are examples of how AT&T is mobilizing your DVR experience so you can manage recordings when you’re away from home. U-verse TV customers can also enjoy the flexibility of managing and scheduling DVR recordings from their smartphone with U-verse Mobile. U-verse Mobile gives U-verse TV customers the ability to browse the U-verse TV program guide, view program descriptions, and schedule and manage DVR recordings. U-verse TV customers with the U300 package and above can also use U-verse Mobile to download hit TV shows to their qualifying smartphone from a Wi-Fi connection and watch them anywhere.

AT&T U-verse was one of the first providers to introduce Web Remote Access to the DVR in November 2006, and it brought three-screen DVR access to all U-verse TV customers with Mobile Remote Access to the DVR in April 2007. In 2008, AT&T launched AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR, allowing all U-verse DVR customers to watch recorded shows from a single DVR on any connected TV in the home.

AT&T U-verse TV is the only 100 percent Internet Protocol-based television (IPTV) service offered by a national service provider, making AT&T U-verse one of the most dynamic and feature-rich services available today. For additional information on AT&T U-verse — or to find out if it’s available in your area — visit Customers can get more information about U-verse TV programming and television events by visiting



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