Oracle Introduced New SPARC T3 Processor and Systems

Industry’s First Servers Based on 16-Core Processor Deliver 2x Performance Increase Over Previous Generation SPARC T-Series Systems.

News Facts:

  • Demonstrating Oracle’s leadership in mission-critical computing and its commitment to the SPARC platform, Oracle today announced the industry’s first 16-core server processor and new SPARC T3 systems.
  • The systems range from a single socket 16-core blade to a 4-socket, 64-core server with 512 threads in a compact five-rack unit, providing extreme scalability and performance with built-in security and virtualization capabilities. Many SPARC T3 server models are expected to begin shipping in the next 30 days.
  • The SPARC T3 systems running Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM for SPARC, and tightly integrated with Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications, deliver highly optimized system performance, efficiency and scalability for customers running mission-critical applications.
  • Highlighting the unrivaled performance and benefits of tightly engineered Oracle software and Oracle hardware, the SPARC T3 systems have achieved nine world-record results, including a SPECj Enterprise2010 result, announced today.(1)
  • The new SPARC T3 systems are integral to Oracle’s strategy to offer the most complete, open and integrated application-to-disk solutions.

Integrated Systems Deliver Extreme Scalability, Built-in Security and Virtualization:

The SPARC T3 systems deliver unparalleled performance and scalability to meet explosive data growth and new datacenter requirements from Web and application-tiers to the database tier.

  • The new systems provide customers with a 2x increase in performance over the previous generation of SPARC T-Series systems.
  • Showcasing extreme scalability, the SPARC T-Series systems have achieved nine world-record results on multiple industry standard benchmarks and prominent application workloads.

These systems deliver industry’s first advanced chip-level encryption capabilities and built-in virtualization to improve security and performance at lower costs, making them ideal for cloud computing infrastructures.

  • The SPARC T3 systems feature integrated on-chip cryptographic accelerators that deliver wire speed encryption capabilities, providing customers with critical data and services protection.
  • Using the newly announced Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.0, the SPARC T3 systems offer advanced virtualization and have multiple virtual machines ranging from one per core to 128 virtual machines on a single server, delivering greater efficiencies and lower costs through consolidation.

Application-to-disk integration provides comprehensive systems management capabilities to improve efficiency and lower costs.

  • The SPARC T3 servers are tightly engineered with Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications, including Oracle’s Siebel CRM and Oracle WebCenter Suite, to deliver complete, optimized solutions that are more reliable, deliver better performance and are easier to deploy and manage.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager: provides integrated application-to-disk management and integrated server lifecycle management through Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, helping reduce IT management costs.
  • Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager features an integrated service processor with power management and power capping capabilities to help reduce energy costs.

The SPARC T3 systems are the latest addition to Oracle’s complete portfolio of cloud-ready software and hardware products designed to enable customers to start small and grow into next-generation cloud computing infrastructure.

Supporting Quote:

  • “Oracle’s SPARC product line is the cornerstone of our strategy to deliver customers a complete, open and integrated apps-to-disk solution,” said John Fowler, executive vice president, Server and Storage Systems, Oracle. “These new SPARC T3 systems deliver on our commitment to provide customers with a 2x increase in performance every two years and deliver massive scalability for high compute environments like cloud computing.”
  • “Fujitsu has enjoyed selling the SPARC Enterprise T-Series products since 2007. With the doubling of the throughput in the new T3 products, we are very excited about the huge benefits these products will provide to our customers,” said Noriyuki Toyoki, corporate senior vice president, Fujitsu Limited.
  • “Running Oracle Siebel CRM on Sun servers has delivered superior application performance and systems utilization,” said Randy Nitowski, Infrastructure Manager, Subaru.  “We are excited about the new SPARC T3 servers’ ability to provide tighter software and hardware integration and expanded virtualization capabilities, with even better performance and scalability.  The new servers will enable Subaru to further improve customer relationships while lowering costs.”


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