ONELAN Unveiled New Data Collection Engine

ONELAN is delighted to announce their New Data Collection Engine (DCE), to complement their expanding portfolio of Enterprise class products.

ONELAN’s Data Collection Engine is a framework of software functionality that provides connections between a wide variety of customer data sources to ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs).

The DCE enables organisations of all sizes to unlock the value of previously inaccessible data. Information held in spreadsheets, databases and business systems can now be easily repurposed for use on Digital Signage, web pages and other rich graphical displays.

Two of the new connectors are the Microsoft Excel Business Connector and the Microsoft Exchange Business Connector.

The new Microsoft Excel Business Connector enables Excel data to be displayed directly on Digital Signage, enabling visibility of educational, sales & financial and other Excel-stored information.

Whether in Education, Health, Hospitality or Retail, organisations of all sizes use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis to store and manage data, boost productivity and gain competitive advantage.

The new Microsoft Exchange Business Connector enables users to deliver availability, messaging and organisational information directly to Digital Signage, throughout your organisation. Most organisations hold a wealth of information about facility and resource availability within Microsoft Exchange. The Exchange Business Connector unlocks and displays room and resource bookings to allow more efficient use of resources, without interruption to users and administrators.

Additional connectors are also available for XML and Text and separate Connectors, Google Calendar and SQL databases.



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