Oracle Announces Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18

Integrated Best-in-Class Marketing and Best-in-Class Sales, Adaptive Business Planning, Enterprise-Grade Cloud Security and new CRM On Demand Insurance Edition Help Drive Revenue and Reduce Costs.

News Facts:

  • Demonstrating Oracle’s commitment to ongoing innovation, Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18 introduces industry-leading capabilities designed to drive revenue and reduce costs.
  • New capabilities include delivering qualified leads at lower cost, enabling better business planning regardless of market conditions, enterprise-grade cloud security, network and access control and a new “Insurance On Demand” solution for broker/producer channel management.
  • Release 18 delivers enhanced lead quality with progressive profiling and advanced data integration, allowing companies to target potential customers with more relevant messages using adaptive campaigns, and to increase conversion rates.
  • Adaptable business planning enables companies to create, modify and execute plans more quickly in response to market conditions, shortening the planning cycle, providing early visibility to potential disruptions and improving response time.
  • Enterprise-grade cloud security helps ensure that critical data is safe and secure in the cloud, providing enterprise-grade data encryption, virtual private network connections and access control auditing, protecting customer interactions in the cloud while adhering to data compliance standards.
  • Oracle CRM On Demand Insurance Edition delivers the only complete, on-demand Broker/Producer Channel Management solution for insurance companies, designed to maximize producer revenue at a lowest possible cost through better producer planning, integrated marketing management and comprehensive channel analytics.

Supporting Quote:

  • ”The latest release of Oracle CRM On Demand demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to the On Demand product line and the strategic role an On Demand application can and does play in the customer interaction cycle,” said Mary Wardley, VP CRM and Enterprise Applications at IDC. “The latest release brings needed integration between the all too often misaligned roles of marketing and sales in the leads management process.”
  • “With the second major release of Oracle CRM On Demand in less than six months Oracle continues to lead the industry by listening and responding to customer needs and then rapidly innovating to deliver the value,” said Anthony Lye, SVP of Oracle CRM. “Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18 introduces superior integration for marketing and sales, new insight for business planning and enterprise-level cloud security. Oracle CRM On Demand continues to set the bar for industry as the best way for organizations to achieve maximum CRM success in the most economical way.”


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