New USB 3.0 to 125 Mb / s at Mach Xtreme

Xtreme Mach Technology has completed its line of USB flash drives dubbed MX-FX Series with a new capacity.

In addition to two 32 and 64GB models unveiled in June last , the range of USB-FX MX Series features a 16 GB version now.

The latter displays the same dimensions 7.8 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches, the same weight of 39 grams, the same shock resistance of 500G and a 20G of vibration, the same energy consumption of 4 watts in active and 1 Watt at rest, but not quite the same goes for performance.

If it also announces USB 3.0 compatibility, and if the maximum flow – the flow reading then – always reaches the 125 MB / s, the writing goes from 80 to 55 MB / sec. This is certainly less interesting, but remains as correct.

Expect to pay about 100 euros for this USB 3.0 16 GB that has a manufacturer’s warranty to three years.



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