AT&T Unveils the WIC Pager App for iPhone

Healthcare Paging App Gains Emergin Alliance Partner Program Certification, Available on the App Store.

AT&T* and Wallace Wireless, Inc. today announced updates that will make WIC Pager from AT&T – which is an innovative healthcare notification app – accessible to more hospitals and healthcare professionals across the United States. The WIC Pager App is now available on the App Store for AT&T customers using iPhone and includes additional SMS integration, allowing hospitals and healthcare organizations to reach healthcare workers and contractors on virtually any device and on most carriers globally.

WIC Pager has also been certified into the Emergin Alliance Partner Program, integrating the app with Emergin’s market-leading event management solution for healthcare organizations.

AT&T became the first carrier to offer WIC Pager earlier this year. Now on-call physicians and caregivers can use the WIC Pager App on iPhone and benefit from its advanced paging features including automatic acknowledgement when messages are delivered and opened, one-click call-back and response, and additional security features, archival and in-building coverage features.

Emergin, a Philips Healthcare company, is a leading provider of event management solutions for healthcare organizations. With certification into Emergin’s Alliance Partner Program, WIC Pager from AT&T can be easily interfaced with hospitals’ existing communication networks and enable delivery of Emergin alert message notifications to a healthcare organization’s mobile workforce.

“AT&T understands the growing demands placed on IT departments to support an ever growing number of iPhones and other mobile operating systems used in healthcare. As organizations are more dependent on immediate data sharing across mobile devices, it becomes increasingly important for software providers and carriers to work together to help these IT departments achieve end-to-end solutions that work seamlessly,” said Michael Antieri, President, Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “WIC Pager from AT&T is designed to be technically flexible enough to integrate tightly with software systems such as Emergin’s. It also is designed to integrate on multiple devices, including iPhone, which completes an end-to-end software solution for healthcare customers from their hospital systems and equipment, to their IT systems and their mobile devices.”

WIC Pager from AT&T runs over the AT&T wireless network as well as Wi-Fi networks including in-building coverage via an organization’s own Wi-Fi infrastructure. It provides a tightly integrated communication experience between healthcare professionals and hospital departments by enabling centralized administration, group notification and timely communication of delivery status identifying when messages have been sent, received, opened and responded to.

“Working with AT&T and Philips Emergin, we have created an advanced, unified alerting solution that addresses the mobile nature of healthcare workers, and takes advantage of the proliferation of hospitals using mobile devices,” said Rob Moffat, President, Wallace Wireless. “WIC Pager can help generate costs savings while significantly enhancing the hospital’s ability to communicate with clinicians and care-givers.”

The WIC Pager App is available from the App Store on iPhone or at

For more information on WIC Pager from AT&T, visit WIC Pager from AT&T.



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