Opera To participate in Open Screen Project

Opera Software, the leading provider of web browsers to mobile phones, televisions, set-top boxes and other consumer devices, today announced its participation in the Open Screen Project. The Open Screen Project consists of more than 70 industry leaders, who are working together to provide a consistent runtime for uncompromised web browsing and standalone applications across screens leveraging the Adobe Flash Platform. Opera’s partnership with Adobe ensures compatibility and easy deployment for OEM and operator customers using Opera and Adobe Flash products.

Through its participation in the Open Screen Project, Opera is making integration even better for customers deploying both Opera and Flash Player 10.1 on their mobile phones and other devices. The result is an improved user experience and faster deployments. The standards-based Opera browser delivers a single browser core engine and shared browser capabilities that can be deployed on any number of mobile and device platforms.

“Opera is committed to enabling the best possible web experience for our customers. Our participation in the Open Screen Project is part of our ongoing commitment to maintain compatibility and flexibility for our customers regardless of what platform or device they are using. We hope that by making Opera and Adobe Flash integration even better, we will improve end-user experience and speed up time to market for our customers,” says Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software.

“Opera and Adobe share a belief in driving innovation on the Web and bringing rich web content and applications across screens, regardless of the platform or operating system,” said Danny Winokur, vice president, Flash Client Platform at Adobe. “Opera is one of the leading providers of web technology in the consumer electronics space, and by combining our experience and knowledge we are able to maximize the potential of the Web in homes and on mobile devices around the world.”

Through its participation in the Open Screen Project, Opera will be able to integrate the Flash Player 10.1 with the Opera browser, and deliver an integrated solution to other members of the Open Screen Project.



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