Microvision Teamed Up with Capcom and Intel to Launch New Gaming Experience, Infinite Reality

Microvision’s Project Tuatara Frees Gamers from the Screen, Bringing Unparalleled Movement and Immersion.

This week at New York Comic Con,Microvision Inc. and its Project Tuatara collaborators Capcom and Intel Corporation are showing off infinite reality gaming, an entirely new gaming experience that helps eliminate the barrier of fixed screens. Project Tuatara enables high-definition projected displays on any surface imaginable–no monitor or TV screen required–and delivers immersive movement to the PC gaming experience far beyond what consoles offer today. The technology will be demonstrated using one of the highest-scaling games Intel has tested on the Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition this year–Capcom’s "Lost Planet 2" for PCs, slated for release next week.

As a first step towards infinite reality gaming, Project Tuatara unlocks game play from the screen, enabling gamers to experience first-person shooter or third-person perspective video games all around them. The walls, ceiling and floor are now part of the action as gamers point the gun up to see the sky, and spin around to see what’s behind them. Project Tuatara will be available to experience at the Intel Extreme Masters booth (#726) on the show floor, as well as at an invitation-only party the evening of October 9 hosted by Capcom, Intel and Microvision.

"While the major gaming platforms are focused on 3D and controller-free gaming, Microvision is leveraging the unique characteristics of its ultra-miniature PicoP display technology to show how game play can also break free from the screen," said Michael Fritts, vice president of sales, marketing and business development, Microvision. "Infinite reality gaming is much more realistic and exciting as gamers are free to roam and physically experience fantastic environments as if they were in them."

Project Tuatara Explores Gaming’s Future:

The Project Tuatara prototype gun is a battery operated, wireless HD video projection display and wireless controller, created to explore the market opportunity for Microvision’s gaming platform enabled by the PicoP(R) display engine. The latest design is based on a bullpup rifle that is lighter and easier to operate, and includes more programmable buttons. Microvision’s PicoP display engine, now embedded below the rifle’s sights, uses lasers and a single scanning mirror to cast a large, vivid, high-definition image that is always in focus with none of the rainbow artifact effects of other ultra-miniature projection technologies.

Combined with an Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition-based PC and one of the most visually arresting games in the world–"Lost Planet 2" for the PC–gamers get an immersive and intense experience without compromising frame rates or system performance.

"Microvision and Intel are excited to demonstrate the next-generation of game play and show new levels of reality," said Jeff Abbate, director of marketing, Intel Software and Services Group. "Microvision’s Project Tuatara takes advantage of the power of a system based on the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition to deliver a realistic and intense gaming experience, giving users 360-degrees of freedom, without added lag or delays."

"We’ve updated the massive enemies and epic settings of our console game to become one of the highest-performing PC games Intel has tested this year," said Christian Svensson, vice president of strategic planning & business development, Capcom. "With innovations like Project Tuatara, the immersive game play of ‘Lost Planet 2’ becomes an even more compelling experience. It highlights a possible future for gaming that’s more real, more intense and more engaging than ever before."

Check Out Project Tuatara Live at New York Comic Con:

Executives from Capcom, Intel and Microvision will be discussing the future of PC gaming and introducing Project Tuatara at a joint press conference on October 9 at 4 p.m., at the Intel Extreme Masters booth. Attendees will also experience Project Tuatara’s intense "infinite reality" while playing Capcom’s "Lost Planet 2" running on PC’s powered by Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors.



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