Fujitsu Introduces New Unified Communications Service to advance Business Productivity By Enhancing Office Communications Effici

Fujitsu today announced the launch of Unified Communications Service, a solution that delivers a communications system environment over the Internet from Fujitsu’s datacenters. The solution will enable efficient and smooth office communications by integrating customers’ landlines, mobile terminals, video/web conferencing equipment, e-mail, and voicemail facilities.

The new cloud-based service will allow customers to use servers that manage the contact status such as being online, in a meeting, or absent; IP telephony; as well as the servers that link PCs with business applications and groupware via a network. This leads to cost and time reductions involved in system configuration. Since Fujitsu manages system operations at its own datacenters, this service helps to reduce operational burdens for customers. In addition, when using the Unified Communications Service in conjunction with customers’ existing business applications, the system’s flexible interface connectivity with Fujitsu’s cloud infrastructures can also improve the efficiency of customers’ business process.

The new service enables users to check the availability of their colleagues using IP telephony or a PC, and to contact them through various means such as phone, e-mail, web conferencing, videoconferencing or instant messaging, depending on their status. Optimal and efficient communications facilitate timely decision making, making it possible for companies to accelerate the speed of their business.

Fujitsu seeks the creation of a human-centric intelligent society that brings prosperity to businesses and the lives of people through the use of information and communications technologies (ICT). The new service will help transform the increasingly diverse array of communication environments employed inside companies, enabling users to utilize the most appropriate communications tools to meet their needs. As well, the service’s global capabilities ensure the delivery of an integrated communications environment for the branches and offices of a company worldwide.

Fujitsu has positioned the service as a part of its Workplace LCM Services, which provides comprehensive operations support for customer ICT systems, and will also manage the procurement and operation of IP phones and other equipment.

Service Features:
Secure service reduces overall costs, including administration and operations:
Fujitsu has constructed a unified communications system inside of its robust datacenter and will provide 24/7 operations and management support. This makes it possible for customers to curb initial deployment costs and utilize the service for a monthly fee without having to purchase new equipment. As a result, it reduces operations-related costs (an overall cost reduction of 20%). In addition, Fujitsu will offer rental IP phones to customers who request them.

Application connectivity enables enhanced business efficiency:
The service offers a feature that links the communications environment with groupware and various applications. By enabling this connectivity, customers can enhance the efficiency of their business and improve business processes based on how they use those groupware and applications. In addition, the service can be used in combination with a contact center, making advanced statistical information and reporting features available.

Network services deliver a secure environment:
By employing FENICS network services, users can optimize their network environment in accordance with their needs while at the same time receiving one-stop support.

Global services availability:
Through collaboration with Fujitsu Group companies outside of Japan, Fujitsu will manage the operations of end-user environments at locations outside of Japan and deliver an integrated communications environment.

Unified Communications Service is an achievement of Fujitsu’s expanded strategic alliance with Cisco in the area of unified communications, announced in April 2009. The service, which is based on Cisco products, incorporates Fujitsu’s product development and service delivery know-how.

Pricing and Availability

Service Name Sample Pricing (excluding taxes) Availability
Unified Communications Service 1,800 JPY~/month per extension when using 500 extensions

(including IP phone rental fees)
Available now



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