Daiwa House Upgrades Systems Infrastructure with Fujitsu’s Cloud Services

Strengthening its competitive-edge through efficient ICT investments.

Fujitsu today announced that it has built a private cloud computing environment in collaboration with Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., for the Daiwa House Group’s accounting system inside Fujitsu’s datacenter in Japan. Comprised primarily of highly-reliable SPARC Enterprise UNIX servers, Fujitsu is delivering the system on-demand as a trusted cloud computing service. As a shared accounting system for twenty-four companies within the Daiwa House Group, the new system, which is designed to further enhance the group’s competitive-edge, began operations in August 2010.

Utilizing Fujitsu’s cloud services, Daiwa House can immediately use just the amount of ICT resources it needs, when it needs them, depending on the status of its work or an expansion of its business, thereby holding down costs. Daiwa House plans to optimize and standardize operations within its group companies, deploy SAP’s ERP solution, and further increase the efficiencies of its ICT investments by using its new cloud environment to build a management information platform for group-wide optimization as well as shared platforms for group accounting and human resources functions.

Daiwa House, the largest company in the residential construction industry in Japan, is expanding beyond its core business of residential housing to cater broadly to people’s lifestyles, through business ventures such as resort hotels and home improvement centers. As a market leader, the company is constantly engaged in creating new businesses for future growth. To further strengthen its competitiveness, the company was considering how best to upgrade the infrastructure for its accounting system, which had gone through a series of incremental upgrades to cope with peak business seasons. Upgrading the infrastructure would entail significant costs, but most of the system’s capacity would go unused after seasonal peaks.

To resolve this problem Daiwa House collaborated with Fujitsu and opted to utilize Fujitsu’s cloud services. The two companies built a private cloud environment for Daiwa House inside Fujitsu’s datacenter using highly-reliable SPARC Enterprise UNIX servers, thereby creating a mission-critical accounting platform for the Daiwa House Group.

As a result, Daiwa House can now efficiently use just the amount of ICT resources it needs, when it needs them, depending on the status of its work or an expansion of its business, and pay only for the ICT resources it uses, thereby minimizing its ICT costs. In addition, as its cloud environment is comprised primarily of Fujitsu’s highly-reliable SPARC Enterprise UNIX servers, Daiwa House can enjoy the conveniences of the cloud while securing the highest reliability.

Moreover, by a target date of April 2013, Daiwa House plan to deploy SAP’s ERP solution for its main group activities, standardizing group-wide processes in order to raise productivity and work quality while strengthening its internal compliance functions. By consolidating shared administrative tasks, Daiwa House can take advantage of economies of scale to streamline its administrative operations, and plans to strengthen its platforms for group management as well as group-wide accounting and human resources functions. As the company builds upon the new cloud environment, it plans to create a systems platform that can flexibly respond to change and undertake initiatives to further increase the efficiencies of its ICT investments.

By employing cloud computing and other advanced information and communications technologies, Fujitsu is committed to supporting the diversification of the Daiwa House Group’s business as well as the decision-making processes of group management. As Daiwa House creates new businesses, Fujitsu hopes to contribute to the company’s business expansion and corporate competitiveness.



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