Sony Internet TV: four televisions for Google TV

The manufacturer Sony has announced the availability of four new TVs connected compatible with Google TV platform.

The Japanese manufacturer Sony has unveiled its new range of Sony TVs Internet TV. The latter consists of four models 24, 32, 40 and 46 inch Full HD equipped with an Intel Atom, running Android environment, with the Google Chrome web browser and network connection with a wireless Wi-Fi.

Sony televisions with Internet TV, it will be possible to access the online platform Google TV , which allows you to watch TV channels like CNBC, view major newspapers like the New York Times, to communicate with service Twitter microblogging, access to video content on the portal YouTube and surf the Web with the search house. Briefly, a single window for centralized access to information.

Everything can be controlled by a smartphone, too Android, which will then act as wireless remote control, as well as that supplied with the TV that has a optical pointing device and a full keyboard.

Should not be available on the European market before the end of the year, Sony televisions Internet TV will be this Saturday on the U.S. market with prices ranging between 600 and 1400 dollars.



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