Samsung’s New Windows Phone 7 Device Samsung Focus to Debut on November 8

The Samsung Focus , a Windows Phone 7 device, sports a capacitive glass touch screen, 5-megapixel camera and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The Focus will debut as as AT&T’s thinnest Windows Phone and offers a visually stunning experience with a Super AMOLED screen on a sleek 9.9 mm-thin touch screen phone. With the Focus’ amazingly crisp, brilliant screen, photos, games and videos come alive.

Windows Phone 7 has been carefully crafted to help people get more done in fewer steps by bringing important information to the surface with a unique Hub and Tile interface. The Hubs offer quick and easy access to a person’s latest and most valuable information and includes People, Pictures, Games, Music & Video, Office and Marketplace content. Windows Phone 7 also integrates with many popular and powerful Microsoft consumer services such as Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Bing and Zune.

The Focus will be available to AT&T customers on November 8.



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