Fujitsu Seals Server, Storage Deal with China Mobile

Fujitsu announced today that China Mobile Communications Corporation, the country’s largest mobile phone carrier with 550 million subscribers(1), has purchased over 500 units of Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise UNIX servers and ETERNUS disk storage systems, worth up to US$50 million. This is the largest-ever platform products-related contract for Fujitsu in China.

With the world’s largest mobile phone subscriber base, China Mobile Communications requires a reliable mission-critical ICT infrastructure which can process massive amounts of data, such as subscriber information for billing purposes. At the same time, to cope with extremely diverse and fast-changing customer needs, the infrastructure must be dynamically adaptable and scalable on very short notice, sometimes as little as a few hours. To meet such requirements, the mobile carrier relies on ICT systems with flexibility and scalability, in addition to high performance and high reliability.

Fujitsu launched its platform products business in China in 2005, and in just five years, it has built a reputation as a world-class vendor of servers and storage systems and gained significant share of the local market. Currently, Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise servers and ETERNUS disk storage systems have been deployed in 31 provinces and autonomous regions of mainland China, providing highly reliable ICT infrastructures, including mobile business operations support systems, business analysis systems, data warehouse systems, CRM systems, and network management systems, to local customers from a variety of sectors ranging from telecommunications to education and government.

"We have been steadily expanding our server and storage business in China by offering customers high-quality products, leading-edge technologies, and superior services," said Eddie Yang, sales director, Platform Business Division, Fujitsu (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. "China Mobile Communications is one of Fujitsu’s most valuable customers, and we have worked very hard to provide highly reliable ICT products and services to help the customer improve stability and efficiency for its mobile business operations. As a global ICT vendor, Fujitsu is committed to providing high-quality, highly reliable products, services, and technical support to Chinese customers, and in the long term, we will strive to strengthen our market position by helping generate more profits for our customers."



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