Telerik Announces TeamPulse Standard Edition Q3 2010 Beta Release

Popular agile project management suite updates include introduction of idea management and TFS Synchronization.

Telerik, a leading provider of development tools and solutions for the Microsoft .NET platform, today announced its TeamPulse Standard Edition Beta Q3 2010 release to the public. Delivering a number of essential additions, the agile project management tool suite’s Q3 beta release also introduces new features and functionality, such as its innovative Idea Management tools and bi-directional TFS synchronization. Other additions and updates aimed at enhancing user productivity include the ability to import data from Comma Separated Values (CSV) and numerous UI interface improvements.

“A common problem with software teams is the lack of proper information The start of a project tends to be a very dynamic event with less-structured information flow – ideas and documents are passed around via email, through IM discussions, or in casual conversations – which can lead to lost information,” said Vassil Terziev, Telerik CEO. “The Q3 2010 TeamPulse Standard Edition Beta staunches this lost information flow with its introduction of Idea Management tools. With their advanced capabilities, users can quickly launch and establish a centralized workspace, collecting product insights from product owners, manager, analysts, and employees.”

TeamPulse’s new Idea Management tools enable users to accurately capture, describe, and communicate ideas by offering support for rich text formatting, attachments, and status and user-assignment properties. The tools also offer a commenting system whereby formal comments can be used to respond to an idea or ask clarifying questions. Ideas and comments can be easily assigned to stories and users within a project, providing information and allowing all team members to map decisions to business challenges, as well as to project motivations and drivers.

The Q3 2010 beta release also includes much-anticipated bi-directional Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) synchronization. TeamPulse adds significant value to TFS by integrating a set of highly intuitive visual tools for capturing requirements, planning, and scheduling, resulting in an environment better suited to the particular needs of agile teams. The suite’s exceptional architecture enables data synchronization and planning to be done discretely, without impacting or affecting ongoing TFS processes.

Additional enhancements in the Beta release are the ability to import stories from CSV files, as well as UI improvements, further elevating the user experience and increasing productivity.

The new TeamPulse Standard Edition version is available with a Beta license for five users and an unlimited number of projects; beta version expires on November 30, 2010.



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