New Intel Pentium 32-nanometer Processor

Intel is preparing the introduction of a new Pentium processor-based architecture Westmere and engraved in 32 nanometers.

The Intel group, world number one on the processor market to AMD, is preparing to launch a new processor architecture-based Westmere and answering to the name Pentium G6960.

Boasting a fine engraving of 32 nanometers, this double heart model take place in the LGA 1156,   will work to the clock frequency of 2.93 GHz, will have 3MB of cache third level, will work with the DDR3 RAM type and show a TDP of 73 Watts. The menu also a heart graphic clocked at 533 MHz.

The Intel Pentium G6960 will be available in the first quarter of 2011, at the same time as the new Sandy Bridge processors for desktops and laptops at a price unknown yet.



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