Motorola’S New Managed Services Offer Enables Operators To Modernize And Ease The Transition From GSM to LTE

Motorola Solutions’ Managed Services Optimize Network Migration to LTE.

The Motorola Solutions business of Motorola, Inc.  today at 4G World 2010 announced the Network Modernization (NeMo) Managed Services offer which maximizes operators’ return on existing network assets. This intelligent, non-disruptive network modernization program helps evolve a legacy network into one that is Long Term Evolution (LTE)-ready and power efficient.


  • This customized, managed services offer helps operators through the entire transition to LTE – from designing and planning to optimizing and managing a network.
  • Motorola’s NeMo offer is the industry’s first managed service available to help operators go beyond traditional managed services’ cost-reduction models and move to a business optimization model during the transition to LTE; business optimization minimizes investments and maximizes the return on the current legacy networks.
  • This service protects operators’ networks against potential backward and forward network compatibility issues and is an ideal alternative to competing options that require a complete refresh or outsourcing of technologies and services.
  • NeMo is best described as a modernization insurance program resulting in committed network quality, end-user performance and power consumption reduction indicators.
  • The NeMo Managed Service extends Motorola’s Managed Services Line of Business solutions, offering services that help reduce operating and capital expenditures, optimize business processes and maximize efficiencies across an organization.


Eric Pradier, vice president of Global Services, Motorola Solutions
“Operators have been challenged to keep pace with mobile users’ thirst for wireless networks that support an ever-increasing need for greater capacity and speed. From upgrading backhaul switches and redesigning core networks, to finding more power-efficient technologies, operators are in need of a cost-effective solution that helps them update antiquated systems and slowly ease them into emerging mobile broadband networks. Motorola’s Network Modernization (NeMo) Managed Service addresses these challenges, taking away the risks, time and costs associated with building and managing a network so that operators can truly focus on what matters most – driving new business revenue.”



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