Computer virus my work says teenager

AN 18-year-old German arrested for creating the Sasser computer “worm” has confessed to being responsible for a string of other viruses.
Sven Jaschan was remanded in custody along with members of another group of computer hackers in Germany at the weekend.

Jaschen, from near Bremen, said he was behind all 28 variations of the Netsky virus that continues to be sent out in millions of infected emails each month.

The arrests mean police have tracked down the suspected authors of several of the most harmful viruses of recent times.

An unemployed 21-year-old from Baden-Wurttemberg, in southern Germany, along with an unknown number of others, were arrested by officers on suspicion of having created the worm known as Phatbot, previously called Agobot.

The viruses have caused havoc across the globe.

News source: The Sasser “worm”, which makes computers crash, hit companies such as British Airways and the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Graham Cluley, senior technical consultant at anti-virus company Sophos, said: “These arrests could prove to be more significant than we originally thought.

“It may be that the police have cracked the Netsky gang.

“It would make sense that he [Jaschan] is also behind some of the Netsky worms because there are big similarities in the Sasser and Netsky codes.”


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