Motorola’s Latest Wireless Manager offers Network Administrators with Added Flexibility and Visibility

Expanded features of next gen wireless broadband management platform help IT organizations boost reliability and “real-time” access.

The Motorola Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. today announced the next generation of its Wireless Manager, a comprehensive management solution that helps IT departments manage their network infrastructure with better accuracy. Offering more flexibility and visibility into all elements of a wireless broadband network deployment, the Wireless Manager provides network administrators with real-time monitoring and management of their mesh, point-to-multipoint (PMP), point-to-point and any other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-enabled network elements from a single Google map view.


  • Motorola’s Wireless Manager is a flexible, powerful and scalable network management platform that enables streamlined deployment and provisioning of networks, which helps reduce costs and enables faster network setup.
  • Wireless Manager offers network operators a new level of visibility through real-time, highly advanced visualization of the network in an embedded Google Maps environment. Network elements are overlaid on satellite images as icons and a wide range of information, including connectivity between nodes, link quality or range and availability is displayed on the screen.
  • The third generation Wireless Manager offers IT departments several key features that will help further strengthen their wireless broadband network management capabilities:
    • Template-based configuration: User-defined templates help accelerate the process of configuring devices being added to the network, resulting in easier and quicker deployments. Wireless Manager allows IT to automate configuration for large numbers of network devices and can be scheduled to occur at any time via the tool’s Task Scheduler.
    • Ultra-light thin client: Wireless Manager is now also available with an ultra-light thin client that enables network administrators to view the status and performance of their entire network via a compact web interface accessible from smartphones.
    • Map-based visualization: Motorola’s network management solution continues to be the industry’s only tool that overlays sophisticated, real-time information about all network elements onto building layouts and dynamic Google Map views. Visuals can be scaled to view an entire city, building, a specific area, floor or link.
    • High availability architecture support: Motorola’s solution offers a “real-time” option, providing organizations with a highly reliable and redundant network management tool that ensures IT staff always has management access to the network.
    • High scalability: The enhanced Wireless Manager offers server scalability with support for up to 10,000 nodes as well as support for distributed server architecture.

Wireless Manager will replace the current Motorola PRIZM PMP management software, providing current and new customers with enhanced features while retaining ease-of-use and functionality components of this legacy network management platform.

Customers can begin purchasing the Wireless Manager globally through Motorola channel partners and Motorola sales in the fourth quarter of 2010.


Brian Magnuson, president, Cascade Networks
“Wireless Manager is a must for anyone that manages a Motorola wireless network. We have been using Motorola’s PRIZM solution to manage a network of several thousand customers and the migration to the Wireless Manager was painless. We now have our mapping and element manager in one easy-to-use application that is accessible from a very intuitive dashboard. It allows us to query the health of all of our Motorola wireless devices and helps ensure we can maintain high availability across our network.”

Roger Skidmore, wireless broadband solutions architect, Motorola Solutions
“The proliferation of wireless broadband networks across businesses, government agencies and network operators is increasing quickly, which means that these networks are handling more and more business- and mission-critical applications. Motorola’s Wireless Manager helps ensure that IT administrators responsible for the reliability and uptime of these networks have the ability to accurately monitor all elements of the network, regardless of how complex that infrastructure is, and respond to issues in real-time from their office or while in the field.”



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