MSI N460GTX Hawk bang competitors with the world’s first triple overvoltage design

A showcase of the world’s latest and greatest electronic products, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. In the winner list of the Design & Engineering Showcase Honors announced today, MSI won the honor for the N460GTX Hawk graphic card because of its world’s first innovative triple overvoltage design supported by the 7+1 phases power design, Twin Frozr II dual-fan thermal design, active phase switch (APS) technology and military-class components of top quality and stability.

In fact, the N460GTX Hawk from MSI does not only get award-winning graphic card in the computer hardware category, but is also recommended by professional hardware media worldwide. It even gets the highest scores in tests and reviews comparing all GTX 460 cards from different manufacturers. Since launching the N460GTX Hawk two months ago, it has won over 24 awards*! With the unanimous assurance of CES and worldwide media, the N460GTX Hawk from MSI is undoubtedly the only and the best choice for power users looking for a high-performance graphic card.

MSI N460GTX Hawk—the first and only graphic card winning the Design & Engineering Showcase Honors at CES 2011 for its innovative triple overvoltage function.

The N460GTX Hawk is the first graphic card in the world that supports triple overvoltage. With the MSI-exclusive Afterburner (V2.0.0) OC software, users can adjust the voltage of the GPU, memory and PLL at the same time. When compared with other graphic cards of the same level, the N460GTX Hawk can enhance the OC potential of graphic cards in all dimensions. As triple overvoltage is an industry-first innovation, the N460GTX Hawk is the only graphic card winning the Honors in the Computer hardware category of CES 2011.

Assurance of 24 awards and recommendation from professional hardware media worldwide—The BEST GTX460: MSI N460GTX Hawk.

Within two months of launch, the N460GTX Hawk has won over 24 awards and received continuous critical acclaim. It even gets the highest scores in tests and reviews with products of the same level from other manufacturers and is thus awarded the Best Product Award. In a review conducted by, the largest 3C testing website in Southeast Asia, the N460GTX Hawk received the highest score, nine marks, of the five GTX 460 graphic cards., the largest hardware testing website in the Netherlands, awarded the Gold Award to the N460GTX Hawk from among nine GTX 460 graphic cards. PCHOME, one of the top three hardware testing websites in China, even gave 9.2 points for the N460GTX Hawk from the 12 GTX460 graphic cards. Although there are different manufacturers manufacturing the same kind of graphic cards that may make it difficult for power users to make a decision, the N460GTX Hawk from MSI is without a doubt the best and only choice due to universal praise from worldwide media and CES.

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