Roku Launches SoundBridge Radio

Until now, Cambridge SoundWorks, Tivoli and Bose have been known as conquers of the bedroom, but that could all be changing. Roku today announced their latest product, the SoundBridge Radio. Small, stylish and promising a WiFi experience the SoundBridge Radio takes the technology from their other products like the SoundBridge M100 review here on Designtechnica, and puts it into a mini-system designed to replace your aging clock radio. Features include stereo speakers, an integrated subwoofer, AM/FM radio and alarm clock, an integrated SD/MMC card slot for playing your favorite music files, and built-in WiFi so you can stream your favorite music from your PC to this dandy little system. It certainly sounds like Roku has done their research with the SoundBridge radio. A built-in light sensor will automatically dim the display at night so it doesn’t keep you up at night, and the atomic clock updates itself automatically. The SoundBridge Radio can play WMA, AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF and Podcasts, either streamed from your PC or from a media card. Other features include a remote control and a headphone jack for private listening. If you ask us, this is the clock radio to get. But wait, it’s a WiFi mini-system!


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