Team launches EZ Go Mobile Personal Assistant

Nowadays with the large-capacity mobile storage increases, data backup and file encryption have become the most wanted feature. In 2010 Team Group Inc launched the Team EZ Go, the exclusive application act just like your mobile personal assistant. Teaming up with TP1023, the flagship supercar mobile disk with file backup and information management, let user always experience the mobile storage remarkable efficiency.

Committed to bring users unprecedented life experience with technology, Team wishes to create a large capacity mobile storage that ensures maximum security in today’s information digitization age. Aiming to promote perfect integration of daily life with technology, Team launches the EZ Go to make convenient digital life to reality.

The Team EZ Go is equipped with five basic file management functions, including data backup automation, file synchronization, PC-Lock, data encryption and website private browsing. With these functions, users can easily back up documents and mails. Along with the auto synchronization scheduler, backup management can be as simple as naming ABC. In addition to it’s remarkable efficiency, the EZ Go comes with file encryption and compression functions to ensure maximum data security. 

Trade secret leaking is a common fear among businessmen. The IE and Firefox compatible private browsing function on the EZ Go is a total solution for business privacy. By blocking unauthorized access, the PC-Lock function can make a private key to any PC connected to Team EZ Go. When users leave their seats, they will not have to worry about data marauding no more. The scheduler function on the EZ Go makes data management simple, safe and efficient.


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