DiRT 3 In-Game trailer

Once is not custom, Codemasters prefers videos in-game images heavily retouched.

The CodeMaster studio has a bad habit to publish first pictures of its heavily photoshoped videogame projects to attract an audience of amateur beautiful graphics. Cautious response to criticism from players, Codemasters has released a video in-game after pre-alpha version of Colin McRae DiRT 3.

It would be very harsh to judge from the title of this very incomplete version. The short film is surprisingly natural look. The test has revealed a rally natural side, feeling that they no longer felt in a long time. The last two studio albums have in the bling-bling and the spectacular to the dismay of purists.

The developers have obviously taken the time to complete modeling environments and enhance the sounds of vehicles. Note also the realistic pace of the proposed test is relatively close to real life.

Release date set for the year 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.



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