Google launches its Chrome Web Store

Google opens the doors to its online store to download applications from the Web for browser Google Chrome. Of free and commercial applications. Marketing is currently only possible in the United States.
Before presenting OS Chrome , Google has announced the launch of Chrome Web Store . A marketplace for Web applications destined for OS but more generally Chrome browser Google Chrome, regardless of the OS then.

The Chrome Web Store offers users to discover applications, extensions and themes for Google Chrome . Some applications are free and others payable. A marketing system is currently only in place in the U.S. before opening up to other countries in the world in early 2011. Prices range between $ 1.99 and $ 4.99.

As the universe of mobile telephony with the App Store, the interest of Chrome Web Store and unite in a single location productions developers. These Web applications are designed in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. In absolute terms, some applications may work with other browsers as Google Chrome, while others use the characteristics of Google Chrome. Is that when one goes on Chrome Web Store plant is only possible with Google Chrome (Google Account required).

Applications are available in various areas: timeliness, productivity, utilities, education, entertainment, games … Among the partners of Google, various newspapers like The New York Times, Electronic Arts, which offers a game for casual gamers (Poppit!). For much of the proposed applications, it is possible to use them in offline mode .

As for Chrome OS, it is currently difficult to imagine the reception given to these web applications from the moment they are intended in principle for a computer in an office environment.

But Google is not alone in entering this field. Apple will soon open an App Store for applications for Mac OS X, while Microsoft appears to also prepare an online store with Windows applications 8. Mozilla also wants to embark on this path but make an App Store, but by offering the bricks that will allow those who wish to put one in place. An App Store for Web Applications open for Mozilla, cross-platform and cross-browser .



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