iPad 2 to be Launched in April

Is the iPad 2 really launching in 2011? The DigiTimes, a respected Taiwanese technology publication, reports that mass production of the new iPad will start, based on input from industry in partnership with Apple. The next generation of Tablet PCs in the enterprise is expected to arrive during the first quarter of 2011.

Things started slowly for the next touch pad from Apple. While the iPad first name is sold only in recent months, the next generation of electronic tablets designed and developed by the Cupertino company is beginning to make themselves known. According to information reported by DigiTimes, high-tech manufacturers are finalizing their partnership with Apple.

At this stage, the exact specifications of the next device from Apple is obviously not yet known. Not to mention that Apple likes to control its calendar and its conferences to maximize the media impact of its ads. However, the touch screen built into the iPad 2 should have the same dimensions as the current iPad (9.7 inches diagonal).

According to DigiTimes sources, the U.S. firm plans to launch its new tablet in the first quarter of 2011. The date seems a priori more advanced than the launch of the first model. Indeed, the announcement of the iPad 1 was held in late January 2010 followed in April and May launch. However, it is expected that Apple complies with broadly the same pattern of marketing.

In addition to higher performance, this new iPad would seek to correct the press criticism and consumers on certain weaknesses or oversights on Apple’s first model. One of the possible avenues would be the addition of a webcam in order to bring the application FaceTime beyond the single iPhone and iOS 4. However, it is assumed that the Flash does not appear in the technologies supported by the iPad 2.


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