Samurai Warriors 3Z delayed on PS3

Samurai Warriors 3Z, the PS3 edition of the third episode beat’em all of Tecmo Koei, suffered a delay of several days.

Slightly less well known that the series Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors offers gameplay quite similar to its predecessor, while sporting a slightly more dynamic now. Available for several months on Wii, Samurai Warriors 3 remains an honest game for fans to beat ’em all without playing the card of innovation. Tecmo Koei decided to adapt his last title on the PS3 to provide a record high definition and thus attract more players.

Samurai Warriors 3Z , for the time being confirmed for a Japanese distribution, has been postponed. Expected for January 27, 2011 on the archipelago, the song is finally available on February 10 . The editor stresses that additional time is needed to improve the overall quality of this port. No details were provided regarding the distribution of this edition in the West.



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