Dead Space 2 Demo Out on 21 December

It was more or less discussed, but nothing was certain to its availability. Electronic Arts has decided to formalize.

Dead Space 2 will be entitled to a playable demo. Electronic Arts has formalized this trial and announced its availability on December 21 , five weeks before the release of the game fans will be able to recover title on Xbox Live and PSN on December 22 , PC gamers n ‘is obviously not concerned. This demo should give players a good overview of the game, its atmosphere and gameplay. Dead Space 2 promises to be one of the biggest games of 2011 and this demo should satisfy the most impatient.

In this demo for Dead Space 2, players will follow the engineer Isaac Clarke an adventure across the terrifying Unitologie Church, a place of meditation that will quickly become deadly because of the epidemic on Necromorph The Medusa. Players will also have access to new tools to combat Necromorphs, whose javelin-throwers, stasis and self-healing module psychokinetic improved. Players will discover new outfit finally Isaac equipped with thrusters to allow freedom of movement in weightlessness.

Dead Space 2 is due January 27, 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.



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