Acer and Samsung to manufacturer Google Chrome Os Netbooks

Google has revealed a little more this week on its famous operating system oriented netbooks and massive use the mechanisms of cloud computing. This will include integrating 3G modems since the functioning of Chrome OS will almost exclusively through an Internet connection.

Google Taiwan gave some indication to the first manufacturers loans offer to the first products in 2011. It has long been known that Acer has an ongoing project, which its CEO Gianfranco Lanci recently recalled , but it will also count with the Korean Samsung .

The first launch should take place during the first half of 2011 and there will also undoubtedly Hewlett-Packard (HP) among the players early in Chrome OS netbook.

The devices would normally boarding mobile processors Intel but Google said it was in talks with ARM to ensure compatibility with the architecture of British society, very present in mobile devices.

This raises a logical question: will there be the touch pads Chrome OS ? The search giant did not completely dismisses the idea while recalling that his platform is primarily designed for netbooks and laptops and it is still too early to know if it will exceed this framework, Android already being used to equip the shelves.

Also, Google should not turn into a priori seller of netbooks, as he tried his luck with smartphones (Nexus One, with online distribution model has not worked , and now Nexus S). The netbook Cr-48 will serve as a test platform for developers should not be marketed.



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