Preview of iTunes for 90 Seconds in US

On Apple’s iTunes Store in the U.S., duration of listening to some music clips began to be raised to 90 seconds.

Apple has begun to expand to 90 seconds duration of pre-listening of tracks sold through iTunes Store . Apple had confirmed last month that for securities whose total duration exceeds 2 minutes and 30 seconds preview would be increased to 90 seconds. For shorter titles, the rule of 30 seconds preview continues.

According to Apple, providing more time for free preview is positive for sales. Various labels have been advised of the implementation to measure, we imagine after heated discussions. For an inescapable presence on iTunes, they also had more choice than accept this.

A measure that for the moment is limited only to the USA. Remains the use of platforms for streaming music to listen to a track in its entirety and may proceed to purchase.


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