Resistance 3: Release Date on PS3 Details

Resistance 3, the next installment of Insomniac Games FPS is coming exclusively to PS3, details new information on its contents, including its local multiplayer and online mode.

Still quite mysterious, Resistance 3 prepares to be unveiled in more detail at the Video Game Awards on December 11 for marketing next year on PS3. Always oriented FPS, this sequel continues the scenario in abeyance in Resistance 2. In a world under the influence of Dreams, the last humans try to survive as they can, pushing even acts of cannibalism. In this hell, you play a new character, Joseph Capelli.

It was previously announced that Resistance 3 will carry a two-player cooperative mode , allowing you to browse the entire single player campaign. It is now clear that this mode will be available in split screen, but also online. The multiplayer mode will be further worked with a progression that will be similar to past episodes of Call of Duty. It is also stated that the weapons could be much more improved.

Resistance 3 will be available during 2011, exclusively on PS3.


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