Civilization 5 DLC – Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca announced

The Civilization 5-makers – 2K Games and Firaxis Games have announced the new DLC called “Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca”. From 16 December it will come at a price of 4.99 €, with two new civilizations and a brand new scenario.

Civilization 5-player can now enjoy this turn-based strategy game from 16 December with two new civilizations and expand a new scenario. The expansion will cost € 4.99. First screenshots can be seen below.

The original description from the manufacturer: It’s the year 1492 where Intrepid adventurers come to the courts of England, France and Spain, which are eager to cross the Atlantic to find a western route to China and Southeast Asia. Will they establish a new trade route and discover untold riches in Asia coast? Or they may go on the journey from unknown countries which is due? If the indigenous people, will take chance in the knowledge offered and the prospects for trade or will they take on to fight the invaders? What wealth, what glory and what opportunities await the conqueror of the unknown depths? Which way is the right one? Who will win the battle for supremacy in this new world?

Spain – Isabella

Isabella was 30 years Queen of Castile and Leon, and together with her husband, Ferdinand, she laid the foundation stone for a united Spain. Their role in the Spanish Federation, support of Columbus, voyages to the Americas and the completion of the Reconquista (GV “reconquest”) of the Iberian Peninsula. Isabella make one of the most popular and important monarchs of the Spanish royal family.

Inca – Pachacutec

Pachacutec was the ninth ruler of the Kingdom of Cusco and during his reign, he built the small kingdom of a vast empire called Tawantinsuyu. Pachacutecs Inca empire stretched from present-day Chile to Ecuador, and covered large parts of Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina. He laid the foundation for the Inca empire that would later grow.


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