NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Graphics Cards Now Offerd by AVADirect

Recently a brand new line of GTX 570 cards from the manufacturers “AVADirect” was added. Due to their release, the GTX 400 series has now become outdated and removed from the market. That’s right, Nvidia will no longer be manufacturing the GTX 400 series. Compared to the performance the GTX 570 cards offer why should they? Any benchmark you find will clearly show you the GTX 570 performs just as well as the GTX 480, making these card an excellent buy for the price. They also support DirectX 11 just like the GTX 570 series cards, with the option of 3-way SLI for all you high-end gaming addicts. Noise levels are extremely low and very considerate of end-users that become set off by loud GPU fans for any reason. I believe this period to be very exciting since GPU technology continues to vastly grow and improve in areas never thought possible ten years ago. Go ahead, click our link at the bottom to view the specifications of the GTX 570 cards…or buy one.


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