Forza Motorsport formalized 4

As expected, the VGA 2010 was the occasion for big developers to make announcements in a frame can not be more formal.

Turn 10 took the opportunity to announce the development of Forza Motorsport 4, accompanied by an announcement in-game images and a trailer. Being a single official, the U.S. company was merely a promotional video containing a brief phase of play is designed specifically to demonstrate the power of the graphics engine.

It’s a safe bet that the visual quality is obtained through the famous photo mode that sagas Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo like to exploit and twist around. Despite the presence shy of game scenes dating from the last E3, this trailer still raises important questions. In the latter, you can see briefly the presence of snow, night races or events to rally.

This fourth installment is it about to diversify in the manner of Gran Turismo 5? One wonders though. Turn 10 has at least confirmed that the title will support a slew of game controllers, including the classic controller or the practice KINECTS that allow the public to drive all vehicles present.

Release date scheduled for the end of 2011 on Xbox 360.



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