Heroes of Newerth 2.0 Launched

Clearly, despite the recent announcement of the start of the construction of DotA two guys by VALVe, S2 Games has no intention of giving up. And what better way to show they still have a good response from the old tit for tat, in this case the announcement of an imminent … Heroes of Newerth 2.0.

The radius of the (many) new features is offered in this next iteration, first note the appearance of a Casual mode to replace the Easy Mode inherited as DotA and widely criticized. Emphasis will be placed on the fights with a system where death will be less disadvantageous (more loss of Golds knock out occurs, for example) will hopefully inspire newcomers a little hesitant to venture into the field of battle rather than hiding in the woods, as disingenuous of Caffeine.

HoN 2.0 will also see the emergence of a system of micro-transactions, but do not worry, nothing that is related to the heart of the gameplay. Rather, the aim customization in every sense, whether the color of your nickname, skins for heroes or even the voice of the advertiser is pretty good.

The game will also propose a new map 3vs3 and an editor to draw yourself its playgrounds and exchange them with classmates. And, last but not least, as the Indians say the Perfidious Albion, HoN 2.0 unveils a brand new system for matchmaking team that will (finally) embark on an adventure with his pals, outside the conventional (and often unbalanced ) public areas.

Hopefully, this big update should point the tip of its bytes in the middle of December.


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