Opera 11 released with complete extensions, visual mouse gestures, etc

The followers of Opera have waited long till now. The Norwegian publisher has just put up the online version of the release candidate of Opera 11, announcing the imminent arrival of the final version. The software is available for Windows , Mac and Linux.

This edition marks a significant evolution of the software for the first time as it accepts the extensions, that enrich the browser with multiple functions. At this stage, the catalog is relatively small: there are fewer than 200. But it includes some classics: ad blocking, managing passwords, e-mail notification, etc..

The browser is based on Web standards and therefore this number should grow rapidly. And implementing extensions in Opera is exemplary: the installation is done by a click from a catalog, and it is not necessary to restart the browser. Like Google Chrome, the grafts appear to the right of the address bar. They can be disabled or uninstalled with a click on the page of special management.

The improved tab management

The stack of tabs is also part of this new eleventh edition. Customers can combine multiple tabs as well as one in order to facilitate management. The feature will go unnoticed in the eyes of some, but not to those who open many pages in one window.

Mouse gestures are also on the menu for Opera 11. Clicking the button with a right hand movement triggers actions Navigation: back, forward, stop loading a page, etc.. This feature is not new, it already exists in some browsers or as an extension, but it is, again, very well implemented in Opera. Just press a while on the right mouse button to display the shortcuts; need to memorize the gesture commands.

Opera does not give any release date for the final version. But only the discovery of a large bug should now amend the timetable of the publisher.


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