Library System offers ELF Child-Safe Browser for a cost of $5

An ELF is coming to the Pioneer Library System just in time for the holidays, as the library gives parents a chance to bring a family favorite from their hometown library into their own homes.

Through a partnership with AWE, Inc., the library is offering for purchase, copies of the ELF Child-Safe Browser, a web application that provides access to various child-friendly websites for games, activities or educational purposes. The games and activities are similar to those found on the children’s computers in PLS branch libraries.

The ELF Browser will cost $5, to cover the cost of the USB flash drive. The flash drive will be the customer’s to keep.

Each of the system’s nine branch libraries has copies of the browser available for purchase.

“ELF is a stocking stuffer that a child will open again and again because, once the browser is installed on the home computer, it will open each time the child accesses the Internet,” said Gary Kramer, public information officer for the Pioneer Library System. “It will also be automatically updated as additional child-friendly website are added, so it could display new information and added links each time it is opened.” Customers plug the drive into their home computer and after a short download can begin using the ELF Browser at home.

The browser features educational content for ages 2-10, and covers the same subject areas as AWE, Inc.’s Early Literacy Station program available in PLS libraries.

“Our goal is for parents to have a way to give their children access to the many educational resources on the Internet in a very safe way,” said Andy Peters, associate director for technology at PLS. “Using this browser, kids can’t go anywhere other than the verified safe sites dedicated to the browser.” The Pioneer Library System operates nine branch libraries in Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties.


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