Prophet 5 Ultimate Edition Microsoft Outlook-based CRM Launched by Avidian Technologies

Avidian Technologies announced the launch of Prophet 5 Ultimate Edition, the newest product in the company’s Microsoft Outlook-based customer relationship management (CRM) software line.

Prophet Ultimate enables businesses to tailor Prophet’s existing opportunity tracking capabilities to meet the needs of departments beyond the sales force. Groups such as customer service teams, technical support, fulfillment and client services can now benefit by customizing Prophet’s opportunity tracking features to best suit their specific needs.

“Prior to the creation of Prophet Ultimate, our focus was primarily on the sales phase of customer relationship management,” said James Wong, co-founder and chief executive officer, Avidian Technologies. “However, having experienced the benefits of Prophet’s robust CRM features for sales efforts, our customers have expressed the desire to more readily use Prophet across their entire organizations. Prophet Ultimate gives them this ability.” In other editions of Prophet, customer records are limited to the concept of sales opportunities, as this is the core element of a sales-centric CRM. Prophet Ultimate, however, allows each individual department to create their own customer record template for a variety of purposes. For example, these records can still be designated as sales opportunities for the sales team, but alternative records can also be created such as support tickets for the technical support staff or customer service tickets for the client services team.

Each template can be further customized with more than 100 user-defined fields. These fields can be any combination of drop down menus, text or date fields. In addition, Prophet Ultimate allows users to create mail merges within Outlook and to segment which customers get emails based on any number of classifications determined through advanced filtering only available in Prophet.

Prophet Ultimate also allows for all these organization-wide departments to be supported from a single Prophet server. This means all customer records created – be they sales opportunities, service tickets, shipping orders or any other template – are in the same database. If given the appropriate permissions, members of any team can view customer records created by other teams as necessary. This ensures proper coordination between the members of various company-wide teams.

“By creating a uniform database of customer records from various departments, Prophet Ultimate helps companies create customer loyalty,” said Tim Nguyen, co-founder and chief information officer, Avidian Technologies. “For example, client service teams have to deliver on the promises made by sales teams. However, communication between these two groups about individual clients is often found lacking. With Prophet Ultimate, client service teams can now see and deliver exactly what the customer is expecting.” Prophet, developed by Avidian on the .NET 2.0 platform, is a contact management and CRM software built inside Microsoft Outlook.

Avidian Technologies is a software company specializing in creating both cloud-based and on-premise software solutions for users of Outlook and Exchange.


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