DbyDx Software unveils Mobile Location Based Services (LBS) Technology

DbyDx Software unveils its LBS technology for multiple industries at The Mobile Beat India 2010

New Delhi, December 16, 2010: DbyDx Software’s Co-founder and CEO, Abhishek Vinod Singh commented that the mobile location based services market will grow in leaps and bounds by 2011. He made this comment during a speech at the Mobile Beat India 2010 in Hyderabad. He also commented that B2B is the ‘in thing’ and would affect the market big time. According to him, the market is completely ready for LBS technology and looks favorable. On this occasion he also unveiled some of the successfully accomplished LBS applications by DbyDx Software for various industries.

With the advent of smartphones and handheld devices, location based services has seen a sudden spurt. LBS have received great response particularly among younger, tech-savvy, middle class consumers. Speaking on this topic, Abhishek commented, “Interest is growing steadily, and a lot has happened within the past year. One reason is that the technology has matured. LBS have now entered the enterprise domain and will play a big role in its growth. Through LBS we have created a mobile community enabling customers and enterprise to proactively share their information with one another. Now there are attractive maps, several app stores with location-based applications, and GPS services getting better with days, LBS is a platform that is much talked about and explored as well. It’s all about making technology easy and simple.”

DbyDx Software has been proactively involved in many mobile location based services applications. Our location based platform is directly proportional to profitability; it directly affects the ROI, thus increasing the business of the enterprise. Our LBS has been deployed in various industries like retail, banking, travel & tourism, hospitality, ticketing and reservation system as well as social networking. Team DbyDx has put up a great show since its inception and strives to keep up the tempo to explore new areas of technology.


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