Reliance Globalcom and CENX to Expand Global Ethernet VPLS Offering

Reliance Globalcom, a provider of managed network and communication services for multinational enterprises and carriers, announced that its Global Ethernet VPLS solution now connects with CENX, operator of a connected Carrier Ethernet exchange.

According to a release, connecting with CENX enables Reliance Globalcom and its global partners to buy and sell solutions to a significantly larger customer base, opening new revenue opportunities and expanding its domestic and international customer base. CENX’s Carrier Ethernet Exchange services are currently available in Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Miami, New Jersey, New York and Hong Kong.

“Our partnership with CENX will provide significant cost and time saving benefits, while connecting us to more than 15 million ESLs (Ethernet Service Locations) worldwide, and help us to meet the rapidly growing need for flexible, high performing Ethernet solutions,” said Ted Raffetto, President, Americas Region, Reliance Globalcom. “Not only can we now offer end-to-end Ethernet services to customers located beyond our existing footprint, we are also able to respond to their needs in a more scalable and efficient manner, eliminating business challenges tied to connecting with multiple providers across borders. CENX’s expertise and global Ethernet reach were key factors influencing the decision for this agreement.” “We are delighted to have Reliance Globalcom join our rapidly growing CENX member community, further helping to foster Ethernet adoption at a global level,” said Eric Gillenwater, VP Worldwide Development, at CENX. “Reliance Globalcom’s global footprint makes them a perfect fit for both our domestic and international carrier members looking to expand into new markets, while extending the reach and scope of their Ethernet service offerings.


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