Gmail allows you to recover deleted contacts

After integrating Gmail tool to catch an email sent by mistake, now google proposes to find the contacts that were deleted. For those who regret their actions, the function is available in the Contacts section of the mailbox, in the More Actions tab.

Gmail allows you to restore contacts list as it was there 10 minutes ago, 1 hour, yesterday, a week … or any other time as may be specified to the nearest minute. It is thus possible to bump up to 30 days. Caution, however, this reverses all changes made since! If you can retrieve a deleted contact a fortnight ago, once you lose everyone you’ve added since then. This feature is also useful to undo a transaction, such as a merger or import lists of contacts.

Manage multiple accounts

Google says it may cancel a restore through the notification bar that appears when the operation has just been executed. Or, if later regrets, then one needs to restore function of the contacts. Just then choose a date corresponding to recover the original list.

Once reserved for paying Google Apps accounts, the delegation of e-mail is now included in the mail. It is for those using multiple Gmail accounts: it allows them to consult their various boxes and send emails without having to disconnect every time.

To enable this feature and give access rights to a third party account, go to the Settings menu at the top of the message window, then the Accounts tab and import. Finally, in this Section – Grant access to your account, enter the Gmail account from which you can have hands on it.


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