Hide And Seek Mobile App lanched by NetQin

NetQin has come up with a new application for Android devices called as Hide and Seek which is designed as a simple “deleting application” to protect users’ privacy over their history of calls and text messages, to avoid those nosy people from being able to see who was recently contacted from the device.

The application allows users to quickly and easily delete call logs and/or text messages between the device and the selected contacts, with a simple select and delete process.

When opened, the application lists out the name (or contact number if name was not previously stored), along with the number of text messages and previous call logs that are stored in the phone.

The settings in the program can be set to delete only text messages, only call logs, or to delete both.After the user selects who he/she would want to delete history from, a simple touch of a button instantly deletes all the contact history between the device and the selected contact.

In the default menu, there is also a simple one-touch button that allows users to instantly delete all contact history from the device, swiping it clean of all call and text history.The application can be downloaded from Android Market


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