Yahoo Shuts Down AltaVista, Delicious and six others

Yahoo! will soon shut down many of its services. Delicious and Altavista would be part of the list.

The American group Yahoo! currently operates a severe cut in its workforce and will soon be separated from 600 of its employees. This reorganization is accompanied by the closure of several departments.

Eight in number, the services concerned would Yahoo! Picks, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Buzz, MyBlogLog, AllTheWeb, Delicious and AltaVista, the search engine that was missed before the arrival of Google. Other services would be affected by a merger.

The leak in the internal strategy of Yahoo is coming to a publication on Twitter, co-founder of MyBlogLog. The firm has confirmed Sunnyale AllThingsDigital actually is planned to close several products in the coming months, and cite Yahoo! Buzz, Traffic and other APIs. The award will be more explicitly communicated in due course.

Faced with stiff competition on the Web, Yahoo seems to avoid falling apart as in the past and concentrate more on some products such as its webmail is undergoing transformation.

Almost forced to partner with Microsoft (Bing) in the field of web search, Yahoo has probably missed some great opportunities in buying services, like service for sharing Delicious bookmarks, but not to work in their evolution. Flickr will be there next on the list?


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