“Lightning-Recoding” Developed by DVDFab to Improve Converting Speed Greatly in Blu-ray Copy

It’s known to all that DVDFab always keeps improving to provide all dear customers better user experience. Another exciting news are coming out, after a series of special offers for this holiday, that DVDFab has developed a new-tech “Lightning-Recoding” which is used in Blu-ray Copy to greatly increase converting speed to create a historic level, and it is exclusively owned by DVDFab.

Where is Lightning-Recoding used? The Lightning-Recoding will be automatically activated in “Full Disc” and “Main Movie” mode of Blu-ray Copy, when the source is progressive H264 video, and when it comes to compression. And later, it will be applied in more DVDFab products.

How does Lightning-Recoding work? Lightning-Recoding will reuse the original information of the source video to decrease the calculating work during compression, thus increase the converting speed to a very large extent – approximately 40% at maximum.

Does Lightning-Recoding perform well? Lightning-Recording was tested times after times and proves to be stable and perform excellently. Here is an instance to get an overall idea.

In the same environment (processor – Intel Core i7-860; memory size – 3GB; graphics card – Geforce GTX 460), under the “Main Movie” mode of Blu-ray Copy, the converting speed of Avatar is 120 min not using Lightning-Recoding, while with Lightning-Recoding enabled, the speed turns out to be 84 min.

Particularly note that for those who have no NVIDIA CUDA technology supported on their computer, they can get advantage of Lightning-Recoding to experience the super fast speed they never had before in Blu-ray Copy, and of course for CUDA users, it will be much easier to get faster conversion from this new-tech.


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