Personal Software Inspector Released by Secunia

Secunia, a provider of vulnerability intelligence, announced the final release of the Secunia Personal Software Inspector 2.0, the new version of its security tool.

According to a release, the Secunia PSI protects personal and financial information against cyber theft.

“Secunia aims to solve this problem with the Secunia PSI 2.0 featuring updates that are truly automatic; truly in the sense that, if the user prefers, the Secunia PSI 2.0 can install most security updates without requiring the user to download, run or otherwise perform manual actions to patch their PC,” said Jakob Balle, VP Product Development at Secunia.

The Secunia PSI 2.0 is a next generation security solution for Windows-based systems.

Secunia detects insecure third-party programs and plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Sun Java, Skype and Firefox, then downloads the required patches from vendors and installs them.

New features include an auto update and customization.

“The Online Trust Alliance applauds the launch of the Secunia PSI 2.0. OTA has been working with Secunia for over two years developing best practices and solutions to aid the business, banking and security communities to help secure their PCs and data and to enhance online trust and the vitality of internet based services. We share the same philosophy, motivation and drive: a world of enhanced online security and a seamless user experience for end-users, free from the threat of cybercrime and online abuse,” said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director, OTA.

The Secunia PSI 2.0 is fully integrated with the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector through centralized dashboard reporting that provides educational institutions, administrators and organizations with an additional layer of security for users connecting to company networks via PCs/laptops.

The Online Trust Alliance’s mission is to drive a trusted online ecosystem by developing and advocating best practices and self-regulation that mitigate security, privacy and brand threats to organizations and individuals.


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